About Mark

His work as a captain and wildlife guide takes him to some incredible places, not just on Vancouver Island but all over the world, including Antarctica and the Canadian High Arctic. As an avid conservationist, he shares his passion and knowledge for the ocean with his local and global community, inspiring others to love and protect it. 

Through sharing the images from his expeditions, Mark learnt that photography can be a powerful tool. He shares his photos to inspire and educate his audience and encourage social change around how humans engage with the natural world.

“I feel grateful to be able to spend time in these wild and remote regions of our planet and I realize they are not accessible to everyone. Through my images, I invite you all on a journey to not only enjoy the beauty of wildlife but also hopefully create a connection with and become closer to nature"

With this connection and your help, individual choice could lead to collective change, moving us closer to a more sustainable and symbiotic relationship with these ecosystems. In a world where humans dominate almost all aspects of our environments, its easy for us to forget that we share this planet, that our decisions effect all wildlife, especially in these remote regions. 

        Mark on the Arctic Tundra tracking wolves
Mark in Antarctica driving zodiac, from where he capture most of his images.
Mark loaded up & heading out tracking with camera, gun & binoculars in the High Arctic 
Mark in the Pacifc North West returning from a multiday camp trip looking for wildlife.